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Forex Wand EA


Product Description

Forex Wand Breaks the Rules

First let me talk about one of the reasons we all  Fail in trading;
It is because we always set our Stop-Loss and Take-Profit at a particular point, forgetting brokers are watching.

Insider traders knows everyone is watching the point, so it is not about the exact point but it should be an area.
I am saying this because the main reason this EA is so successful  is because Forex Wand does not make use of this exact point for Stop-Loss or Take-Profit.
What Makes Forex Wand So Successful?
It trades following the trend and targeting  a particular amount as take profit. It trades almost everyday as far as the trend says yes, the Robots starts trading and managing trades to achieve the amount of dollars you have set.
You Can Start It with Just $50, Yes $50
Tell me, if a system cannot manage a liitle capital, how sure that it is going to take care of your hard earned money?
But with Forex Wand , you can start with as low as $50 before you bring in big funds and turn your life around.
Trades On More Than 15 Currency Pairs
Forex Wand got the confidence to trade any known currency and because of this;
the profit range of this trading system has been unbelievable since the day we discovered it.
Intelectual Stop-loss And Total Amount You Want To Gain Per Trade
This is crazy and yet suprising!! you can tell Forex Wand , Okay I want $50 from this trade and Tada, it works everything out for you without any other human intervention.

This Is called Artificial Intelligence.

and means more profits and high risk management for you

Works Well With Any Broker[Make sure your broker support trading of multiple pairs simultenously]

Forex wand is a Jack Of All trades And this makes you one too.

You can use forex wand to take money out of any broker easily with no midnight headaches,

thanks to deep understanding of the forex market and  some really really clean programming here!.

4%-10% Daily Trading Return, Depending On Your Lot-Size And Profit Target Per Trade

Forex wand gives a return of 4-10% daily.

take for example you have a capital of just $500

Forex wand will deliver bewtween $600 – $1500 to you in one month


Safe Mode To Protect  Funds From Going Through A Large Drawdown

you can set a particular drawdown you dont your account to pass through and this means;

no matter how bad the the market goes, Forex Wand Will keep your money safe like meat in the mouth of a Lion.


16 Years Of Unfailing Backtest

I am sure you have never ever seen this before, A system that have never ever crashed a trading account in the past 16 years of service!!!!


From $3000 to $6,127 In Just 13days


Another Settings Type

Every settings depends on your lot-size and the profit you set per trade

from $5,000 to $10,027 In Just 81days


Another Settings Type

Every settings depends on your lot-size and the profit you set per trade

You'll get:
Forex Wand EA
PDF manual

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